CAPE COD WILPF - Vision/Mission Statement

Cape Cod’s Women’s International League for Peace & Freedom (WILPF) is a group of women and men who work to create justice and peace locally, nationally and internationally. WILPF envisions a transformed world at peace, where there is racial, social and economic justice for all people everywhere -- a world in which the interconnecting web of life is acknowledged and celebrated, and human societies are designed and organized for self-governance and sustainable existence. In pursuit of these goals we educate ourselves and others, take action against injustice, and nourish one another.

Jane Addams Emily Greene Balch

WILPF History

The Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF) was founded in 1915 by a group of international women’s suffragists who met at the Hague in the Netherlands. They sought ways to end the war in Europe so they could return to the struggle for their full inclusion as women in the political decisions of their countries. Two of WILPF’s founders, Jane Addams and Emily Greene Balch, received Nobel Peace Prizes for their antiwar work. Today, WILPF has sections in over 40 countries, branches in more than 100 United States communities, and consultative status at the United Nations.

Cape Cod WILPF meetings

WILPF circle

Cape Cod WILPF Program Meetings are on the second Tuesday of every month at 6:00 - 8:30 PM at the Harwich Community Center on Oak Street in Harwich.

DIRECTIONS - Go south at Exit 10 off Route 6, go left at first blinking light onto Queen Anne Road, then a short distance to a right on Oak Street.

Potluck supper starts at 6:00 PM

Program Meeting at 6:30 PM.

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If you are interested in joining national or Cape Cod WILPF please contact our Membership Coordinators: Mary Zep at (508) 398-1023 or Laurie Gates at (508) 432-4245.

More about WILPF US Section and International WILPF.

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Celebrate by joining or renewing today.

Why did you join WILPF? Maybe it was because someone you like invited you to join. Or maybe it was because someone you admired turned out to be a WILPF member. Maybe it was because of one of WILPF's policy victories-like our recent success in getting gender based violence included in the International Arms Trade Treaty. Or maybe it was because you needed allies to achieve a policy goal close to your heart-like a constitutional amendment ending corporate personhood.  Or maybe it was all of the above.

I joined WILPF because my students in the Feminism and the Peace Movement course at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee discovered WILPF members in every corner of the local activist community and introduced me to them. But, maybe I wouldn't have actually joined if Rose Daitsman hadn't gone out of her way to invite me to a meeting. And, maybe I wouldn't have joined if I hadn't just read the account of WILPF's founding in Harriet Alonso's excellent Peace as a Women's Issue or if I hadn't heard about WILPF's amazing Peace Tent at the 3rd World Women's Conference in Nairobi, Kenya.

Whatever your reasons for joining are or were, take a moment today to renew your WILPF membership and reflect on the power of your commitment to addressing the root causes of armed conflict. Women know the ravages of war, but the strength and resolve to end it lies within us as well. In just two years, WILPF will turn 100. As we contemplate that milestone, we invite all to join us in claiming and manifesting women's collective power to end war.

Happy Birthday to You!

Laura Roskos,
President, U.S. Section

P.S. Why not give the gift of WILPF membership to the women in your life? Click here to learn about WILPF's special birthday offer.

Click here to join an International Working Group to participate in co-creating WILPF's 100th at THE HAGUE; TRIENNIAL CONGRESS.
Save the Dates: April 22–29, 2015

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